Beta Gamma Epsilon was founded in 1919 by a group of engineers studying at Northeastern University. The founders, a group of brothers who had met in the Northeastern ROTC program, bonded over their similar hobbies and interests, as well as their experiences in the College of Engineering. In light of this friendship, the Brothers decided they wanted a stronger, life long bond of solidarity, and, with these ideals, founded Beta Gamma Epsilon.

Carl Edward Mead  Chester Daniels Phipps sinlge
Carl Mead and Chester Phipps, Two of BGE’s Founders

 After its founding, Beta Gamma Epsilon grew rapidly in terms of size and sophistication, while its Brothers began to make an impact as well. During World War II, nearly every member of the fraternity served to defend America. Captain John Alvord, a BGE brother and Northeastern graduate, became a decorated fighter pilot in the Pacific and fought in battles such as Midway before being shot down due to overwhelming enemy forces. These actions earned the Navy Cross and exemplified the principles that unite the brothers of Beta Gamma Epsilon. Brothers have served the nation in many wars of the past century, and several are buried in notable locations such as Arlington Cemetery.

johnalvord     vmf-221-pilots-at-ewa-field-1942.jpg
Captain John Alvord, Navy Cross recipient, and his fighter squadron, the VMF-221 Fighting Falcons

After World War II ended and Brothers came back to Boston, Beta Gamma Epsilon grew in size and eventually eclipsed its housing. With new housing needed, Beta Gamma Epsilon’s new alumni banded together to purchase 234 Commonwealth Avenue in 1947. Beta Gamma Epsilon has remained in this house until present day, continuing to leave our mark and improve the house, including the beginning of major renovations on our roof deck in 2013.

roof_crane_small    10505596_615377618605240_3523862926814785448_n                                      The beginning of the 2013 Roof Deck renovations (left) and brothers installing the new roof deck railings (right)

Recently, Beta Gamma Epsilon has continued to strive for better and live up to our proud heritage. During the Boston Marathon Bombings, Brothers set up a grill on commonwealth avenue and made food and coffee for the hundreds of police and firefighters responding to the crisis and protecting the city in the days following. Our yearly volunteer event in support of the Boston Marathon has also become one of our largest annual philanthropy events.

With every year that goes by, Beta Gamma Epsilon grows stronger and continues to produce outstanding members and graduates. We now have alumni working at some of the most innovative companies in America, including Apple, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and NASA, to name a few. Many of our alumni and current members have patents or have founded companies, and several Brothers have even been recipients of prestigious awards at Northeastern such as the Huntington 100.

Beta Gamma Epsilons 2014 Graduating Class with academic advisor Prof. David Massey

With phenomenal Brothers like these, Beta Gamma Epsilon has a bright future, and we are always looking forward to the next semester of new members, knowing they will continue our proud tradition!