What is Rush?

Rush is the designated period of time when fraternities and sororities can recruit new members on campus. At Northeastern, Rush typically spans one or two weeks with events designed to introduce students to Greek Life and the various Greek organizations on campus. During the rush week, fraternities host events such as dinners, sports games, cookouts, and countless other activities designed to let rushes get to know the brothers individually. At Beta Gamma Epsilon, students who are interested in attending a rush event are conveniently picked up in Stetson West and driven back to our house for events such as corn hole, Sunday football, and dinner at some of our favorite Boston restaurants.

Rush is an opportunity, not only for fraternities to get to know prospective members and showcase their chapter, but also for you (as a potential brother) to get to know the fraternity and decide if it’s right for you. Each fraternity is unique and noteworthy in their own way; likewise, joining a chapter is not something to be taken lightly. The brotherhood and bonds formed in your few years at Northeastern will last a lifetime. Come by and see if Beta Gamma Epsilon is the right choice for you!