Why You Should Join

Whether or not you join a fraternity is one of the biggest decisions you will make during your college experience. While fraternities are not for everyone, there are substantial benefits to joining, and every brother is proud to be a member of Beta Gamma Epsilon.

So Why Should You Join BGE?

Our Brotherhood

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The most valuable thing Beta Gamma Epsilon has to offer by far is the brotherhood. As a small fraternity, every brother knows each other on a personal level, and we are always looking to welcome new brothers. Brothers work their way through class together, play on intramural sports teams, attend activities such as paintball, poker night, sky diving, attend community service events, and live together. Friendships are formed that last throughout college and endure for years after. See more of our recent events here!

Our House

As owners of the only fraternity house at Northeastern University, 234 Commonwealth Avenue is home to many members of our fraternity, and a second home to those who live on campus. Our house is a beautiful brownstone in one of the nicest areas of Boston. No matter where you are or when you graduate, you will always have a home in Boston with Beta Gamma Epsilon

Programming and Social Deveopment

As a social fraternity, the social development of our brothers is an important cornerstone. Beta Gamma Epsilon strives to gives its members access to a diverse array of opportunities, from brotherhood events to university wide programs. BGE frequently holds programming events for brothers such as poker nights, morning basketball games, cookouts and grill nights, paintball games, and ski trips to our alumni ski cabin in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. On campus, we are frequently involved with other greek organizations in events such as homecoming, greek sing, and various fundraisers. 

Academic Development


The engineering and science disciplines are the hardest academic paths one can take–a challenge we gladly face. As engineers and science majors, we are uniquely qualified to help each other academically. Brothers are frequently in the same classes together with the same professors and projects. Older brothers tutor and assist new brothers in difficult classes, and the fraternity always keeps study rooms booked in Curry Student Center and holds study hours every week. 

Professional Development 

Within Beta Gamma Epsilon, all of our members are ambitious, intelligent, and hard working, and professional development is a common goal within the fraternity. As engineering and science majors, our brothers have co-oped at dozens of companies, from major multinational companies to cutting edge startups, both in the Boston area and around the country. Beta Gamma Epsilon also maintains a very active alumni network, and with alumni working at companies such as Amazon Robotics, Apple, Boston Scientific, Tesla, and many more. It’s hard to find a harder working and more successful group of undergraduates and alumni!